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New 14-day rule for security deposit returns, will more landlords go condo, & more

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This week, the biggest stories for readers concerned the outcome of landmark rent reforms passed in Albany. Brick Underground took a look at several of these changes, including a new provision that gives landlords 14 days to return your security deposit—a timeframe that some owners say is impossible.

Another popular article explores whether rent reforms will encourage more landlords to condo their buildings—giving you a better chance to buy your apartment, if you rent.

Here, in full, are the week's top stories:

1) New NYC rent laws require security deposits to be returned in 14 days and landlords are fuming

2) How NYC’s new rent reforms affect you even if you’re not a stabilized tenant: A blacklist ban, security deposit limit, & more

3) Do I have a better chance of buying my rental apartment thanks to NYC's rent reforms?

4) The 10 quietest neighborhoods in Brooklyn

5) Moving to NYC after college? Here's how to do it