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How to know if your apartment should be rent-stabilized, weird co-op rules, & more of the week's top stories

By Jennifer White Karp | April 20, 2018 - 3:00PM 

This week our readers were interested in stories about making a smart real estate purchase, with articles about finding the best neighborhood to invest in and understanding the sometimes surprising rules governing New York City co-ops among our most popular stories. 

Here, in full, are the top five most-read stories of the last week:

1) Think your apartment should be rent-stabilized? Here's how much your landlord may owe you (sponsored)

2) No flip-flops in the lobby or long chats with the staff, and other weird NYC co-op rules

3) The best NYC neighborhoods to buy an apartment in now (and which to skip)

4) Fewer Brooklyn apartments are selling, so why are prices at record highs?

5) The 10 best web resources about New York City history

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