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Manhattan's slowing sales, surprising supporters of Good Cause eviction, & more

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By Emily Myers  |
April 7, 2023 - 3:30PM
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This week, Brick Underground readers checked out our Manhattan sales report for the first quarter to discover the median sales price for apartments dropped 9.7 percent year over year to $1,075,000. For the first time since the pandemic began, the overall market moved slower than the long-term average with co-op and condo sales dropping 37.5 percent compared to the same period last year.

Also of interest: A letter signed by over 100 New York landlords urged Governor Kathy Hochul to pass Good Cause eviction legislation. Landlord opposition to Good Cause is well documented so this was a big surprise. If passed, the law would mean tenants in nearly all market-rate apartments who are paying their rent and not doing anything disruptive would be legally entitled to lease renewals. It would also cap rent increases. 

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4) Surprise! Even some New York landlords support a Good Cause eviction law

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Headshot of Emily Myers

Emily Myers

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Emily Myers is a real estate writer and podcast host. As the former host of the Brick Underground podcast, she earned four silver awards from the National Association of Real Estate Editors. Emily studied journalism at the University of the Arts, London, earned an MA Honors degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and lived for a decade in California.

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