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Tax credits for NYC owners and renters, a guide to combining apartments, & more

By Austin Havens-Bowen  |
February 28, 2020 - 2:00PM

This week, readers visited Brick Underground for the story of a New Yorker who moved with her family from hipster-haven Williamsburg to Sunnyside. They pay $800 more in rent a month, but the neighborhood is a homier fit, with affordable options for shopping and dining out.

Also of interest: The different ways New York City owners and renters can save money on their taxes. Both owners and renters who work from home can deduct business-related expenses.

Here, in full, are this week's most popular posts. 

1) Closing costs: A guide for NYC buyers and sellers

2) How NYC owners and renters can save money on their taxes

3) Pay a large security deposit upfront or smaller monthly fees? Mayor de Blasio wants to offer more NYers a choice

4) From Williamsburg to Sunnyside: Ditching hipsterland for a homier fit

5) Everything you need to know about combining apartments in NYC

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A first-timer buyer on finding and renovating a Chelsea studio on a budget: Part II [sponsored]


Austin Havens-Bowen

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Staff writer Austin Havens-Bowen covers the rental market and answers renters' questions in a column called Realty Bites. He previously reported on local news for the Queens Ledger and The Hunts Point Express in the Bronx. He graduated from Hunter College with a BA in media studies. He rents a one-bedroom apartment in Astoria with his boyfriend and their two cats.

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