Would You Rather?

Is it better to live off the beaten path or amid a tourist trap?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | July 10, 2017 - 1:45PM

Some New Yorkers want to live in the middle of the action and crowds. Others prefer a quiet off-the-beaten path block that oozes charm but few tourists. Read on as our five New Yorkers of the week weigh in:

I’m on the other St. Marks Place I've lived on the St. Marks Place of Staten Island for 20 years and it’s about as un-touristy as you can get. I’ll take it—for me what matters is an easy commute and a good view (I can see downtown Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty from my living room).—Steven, St. George, Staten Island


Tourists make me happy I’d much rather live in a highly populated part of town. If there aren’t sirens going off at all times and tourists with their fanny packs and cameras swinging from their necks than life just doesn’t make sense to me!—Monique, Bushwick

Call me a local yokel I like the off-the-beaten path. There are typically better local restaurants and bars, it’s less crowded and maybe most of all I, like most people, prefer to avoid people in costumes as seen in Times Square.—Austin, Kips Bay

I like knowing my neighbors Plus, I have zero need for those double-decker tour buses driving by with those guys shouting into their microphones!—Karen, Tribeca

Love that people love our town... and yet  I much prefer to know I’m living among my people—people who live here full-time and are pushing into the subway not just strolling extra-slowly down my SoHo street—Laura, SoHo

Verdict: Majority rules—we love the off-the-beaten path blocks to call our own!

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