Would You Rather?

Would you rather have building storage or more closet space?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | September 5, 2017 - 2:00PM

So you haven’t Marie Kondoed your apartment and you're starting to run out of room for your record collection or your piles of shoes. Would you rather have lots of closet space in your apartment or a storage locker in your building? Here’s what our five New Yorkers say they would do if given these options:

Home sweet home storage

I’d rather have lots of closet space in my apartment since I love to shop and need multiple places to hide all of my stuff. I also love organizing my things, so multiple closets mean countless hours in the Container Store!—Edith, Upper West Side

More closets, higher rent?

Approaching this from a money-saving point of view and assuming that more space in my apartments means higher rent, I’d prefer to have extra storage in my building [Editor's note: Storage lockers can cost extra on top of one's rent rate, whereas copious closet space tends to be factored into the rent]. Most of my storage consists of winter clothes in the summer and cleaning supplies that I don’t use as often as I should, so I won’t mind storing things outside of my apartment.—Taylor, Chelsea 

Closet shy

I’d definitely want lots of closets. I like to have access to all my things at all times. If I forget something, I don’t want to be running down to the storage unit in my robe!– Denise, Forest Hills

What if the basement floods?

I prefer closet space to building storage. Usually the storage is in the basement, it’s not climate-controlled, and it’s not always accessible. Even if it’s a nice storage area, the convenience of having apartment storage is unrivaled.—Monique, Midtown East (pictured below)


Shoe space you can use

Obviously I’d want lots of closet space in my apartment. I need space to house my shoe addiction!—Marge, Chelsea

Verdict: Developers take note: These folks prefer lots of closets over basement storage.



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