Would You Rather?

It's spring: Time for New Yorkers to tell us their favorite type of outdoor space

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When it comes to finding a dream New York City pad, an outdoor space is pretty much a unicorn when it comes to add-on features. In fact, for many, the idea of stepping outside for a cup of morning coffee—in your PJs—seems too dreamy for city living. While we’re dreaming, which would we prefer: a backyard for barbecuing, a balcony for twilight cocktails, or a roof deck to gaze at the skyline and stars? Let our New Yorkers tell you what they wish for:

Romeo Romeo I’d much prefer a balcony to a backyard. It might be smaller than a backyard, but a balcony becomes an extension of your apartment, giving the illusion of more square footage and it feels more intimate and offers more privacy. And I get the feeling that a backyard takes more maintenance than a balcony (not to mention potential critters!). —Denise, Upper East Side

Room with a view I would love to have a balcony. What better way to spend summer mornings than being about to enjoy a view with a coffee in hand. —Kevin, Jackson Heights, Queens

I’m here for the views I moved from Ohio almost three years ago now. I am currently apartment-hunting for the second time and I’d love a roof deck. My current place has a sketchy ladder that goes to the roof so a real one would be amazing. —Chelsea, Bushwick, Brooklyn (pictured below)

Give me a backyard I’ve had all three. Roof decks are great but you tend to look down, so I chose a place with a backyard so I can look up and see the possibilities. —Ilene, Upper West Side

Morning music I love living in the village and dream of having a backyard. There’s nothing like being outside for morning quiet time and a coffee (or two) for lyric writing and playing a little acoustic guitar (softly, so I don't disturb the neighbors). —Kate, West Village

Verdict: A tie for balcony and backyard with a single vote for a soaring roof deck!