Would You Rather?

It's official: New York is for animal lovers

By Mayra David  | July 18, 2016 - 1:59PM

Our four-legged companions make up as much of the New York City landscape as us humans do—and to clarify: We don’t mean the rats (this time). Contrary to what out-of-towners may think, NYC is generally rather pet-friendly. (Just look at all the dog runs and pet day spas around town.) But we put that pet-friendliness to the test, asking five New Yorkers whether they'd prefer to live in a building that allows pets or one with none at all?

  • Glory Be I live across from a lady who has a parrot who can say "Hallelujah" and "Amen." I mean, c’mon. That’s funny. I didn’t think I’d like living across from a loud pet, but I’ve changed my mind. —Brent, Hamilton Heights
  • Come one, come all Yes to all pets! I’m a huge dog lover! —Liz, Murray Hill (pictured below)
  • The more the merrier I would definitely live in a building where pets are allowed. I have to. I have two dogs and a cat and cannot imagine living without them! —Jocelyn, Morris Heights, Bronx
  • Smell you later I could do without pets. I could do without the smell of wet dog in my hall and elevator whenever it rains. And not that it’s in my building, but pet owners don’t always clean up after their dogs on my block. —Steve, Washington Heights.
  • Part and parcel I don’t get pet restrictions. Either let all pets in or don’t at all. Anyway, I’d live in pet-friendly building because that’s just a friendly building in general. Not some snobby, uptight one that doesn’t like animals. —Sheila, Upper West Side
  • Nice and easy I don't have any pets, but they're nice. I'd rather live in a building that allowed all pets. —Eric, Morningside Heights (pictured above)

Verdict: New York is for animal lovers!


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