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Paddle the winters away at this modern house with a pool in Palm Springs, California

By Noah Hurowitz  | January 19, 2018 - 12:00PM

The color palette is a far cry from the gray streets of New York.


It’s 70 degrees in Palm Springs, California, today.

The owner of this three-bedroom, two-bath house with an inviting pool in Palm Springs  is looking for someone to commit to renting it for a year, as opposed to, say, a weekend, but if you know people out there, and/or you have the ability to work remotely, we wouldn't blame you for jumping ship.

Situated a two-hour drive from LAX, Palm Springs is known as a retreat for the glitterati of Los Angeles. The city provides stunning mountain views and a sprawling array of mid-century modernist architecture, a feast for the weary eyes of anyone fatigued by row after row of grey apartment buildings with "loft-style" windows. It's is also dotted with public art installations, museums, and parks, and hosts a boatload of cultural events, including the Palm Springs International Film Festival. That ended on Sunday, but check it out next year! If you can bear to tear yourself away from the pool, that is. Palm Springs also happens to be close to the natural wonders of Joshua Tree National Park, where outdoorsy types can hike, rock climb, and forget they ever spent an entire weekend inside.

The owner is looking for $3,200 per month. In addition to the pool and 1,687 square feet of floor space, that gets you a fire pit for those 50-degree nights. The house also comes with a washer and dryer, and is pet-friendly for tenants with cats and small dogs.


Check out this pool. No fighting over lanes at the YMCA for you, not anymore.


The kitchen has an island and stainless steel appliances, but limited countered space.


There's additional seating on a patio, and a big stand of aloe plants.


The living room provides an airy, open spot to lounge and watch TV, or one of the movie screeners that we imagine must litter the streets of Palm Springs like tumbleweeds.


The one bedroom we get to see looks spacious, if grainy.


And the fire pit looks like a nice place to wile away those nights far from the screech of the subway tracks.



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