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Colander light fixtures and pink walls: This Brooklyn townhouse lets its freak flag fly

By Nathan Tempey  | August 9, 2017 - 3:07PM

Beyond the attention-grabbing decorations, this Douglass Street townhouse listing comes with a slew of compelling features, as well as a few unanswered questions.


The owners of this 2 1/2-story townhouse in Park Slope seem to have enjoyed their seven years in the property, which comes decked out with pink walls, a craft room, light fixtures made out of colanders, and a pebble-floored shower, among other eye-popping features. 


The rear of the long kitchen. In case you find the pink walls distracting...


...the brokers would like you to know that it would look like this white.

Located at 380 Douglass Street, between Fourth and Fifth Avenues, the three-bedroom house is near the industrial edge of Park Slope, three blocks from the Union Street R station, and eight blocks from the transit hub at Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center. Unassuming on the outside, the building's interior boasts decorations that are eclectic, to say the least. Beaded, Pepto-Bismol-hued woodwork marks the entrance to what appears to be a kids' play area on the main floor, and an English basement has been painted bright blue and purple, and apparently used as an office and sewing area, as well as for kite storage.


The whole house measures 2,330 square feet and contains three bedrooms and four bathrooms, two on the second floor with baths. The expansive main floor includes, in addition to the play area, a long kitchen with two sinks, a stove, and three ovens altogether. Legally a two-family house, the place has been used as a one-family, and broker Corcoran says that its owners have renovated it extensively, installing central air, a new heating system, and new structural supports. 


Paint and light fixtures are easy enough to redo to one's taste, but exposed joists on two floors give us the impression that it's a good idea to research the status of the building's structural issues further. It would also take a substantial remodeling to add back the kitchen, walls, and full bathroom for a rental apartment.

On the bright side, the house also comes with extensive outdoor space, including a deck off the parlor floor, a recessed patio accessible from the basement level, and an adjoining yard with a bamboo garden. The owners are asking $2.3 million, and the house has been on the market for 56 days.


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