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The co-op vs. condo question, affordable Bushwick rentals, and more of this week's most popular posts

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | April 14, 2017 - 2:59PM 

This week, we looked into StreetEasy's new feature, delved into how long you need to own a NYC apartment to make it worth the investment, and more. These were the top five posts:

1. Brokers are upset about it, but what does StreetEasy's new "premier agent" feature mean for buyers?

2. How long do you have to own in NYC for your investment to be worth it?

3. With the right reno, this $845,000 three-bedroom in Morningside Heights could be a real gem

4. Affordable rentals available in a former church in Bushwick for as low as $822/month

5. Given a choice—do New Yorkers prefer co-ops or condos?

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