Townhouse pick of the week

This stately Brooklyn Victorian is ready to be brought into the 21st century

By Virginia K. Smith | August 17, 2016 - 9:59AM 

When it comes to grand old Brooklyn Victorians, you'll rarely find anything as quintessential as this seven-bedroom, five-bathroom 1905 townhouse at 170 Stratford Road, just a few blocks away from where Michelle Williams recently snapped up a similar historic property.

First, there's the dramatic wraparound porch, as well as an indoor sitting area to soak up the sun when you don't feel like braving the elements:

The interiors look like they may need a some updates, but there's lots of room to work here once you get the seller's current furnishings out of the way. On the ground floor, there's a formal dining room, kitchen, and a living area that's currently set up as a home office (we'd personally ditch the carpet in there ASAP).

The kitchen looks to have been refreshed recently with new appliances, and we like the look of the old-school wooden cabinets, as well as the blue-and-white backsplash.

Upstairs, you'll find enough bedrooms to host an entire family reunion, including a master suite with attached bathroom (check out those rounded windows).

The upper floors also feature a huge living area, potentially useful as a home office, entertainment room, or children's play area depending on your needs.

As for the rest of the bedrooms, they range in sizes appropriate for kids' bedrooms or smaller guest rooms.

The home also has a driveway with a two-car garage, and an unfinished basement with washers and dryers (yes, the listing notes plural washers and dryers). It'll be expensive to re-decorate a house this huge, but with bones this great, perhaps it's worth the $2.8 million ask?


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