Small Wonder

First-time buyers on a budget will want to snap up this studio in Ditmas Park

By Virginia K. Smith  | November 8, 2016 - 3:59PM

Brooklyn Hearth Realty

Apartments that are appropriately sized for a single adult (not a child)—let alone apartments that are appropriately priced—are forever in short supply in the New York City market. So in spite of its rather unremarkable mid-century construction, we could see this $225,000 Ditmas Park co-op as a hugely enticing option for a first-time buyer on the hunt.

The L-shaped living and dining areas mean that with some clever divisions, one could easily create separate spaces for sleeping, entertaining, and eating:


And while you might want to swap out the floor tiles (or cover them with something temporpary), the rest of the kitchen has been given a fairly pleasant update, with new cabinets, counters, and appliances. Plus, there's a window, which makes it less claustrophobic than your average galley kitchen, and adds to the overall brightness of the apartment. 

There are no photos of the bathroom, however, so you'll want to visit in person to make sure it's been similarly spruced up.


The listing also notes a "separate, versatile dressing area with large closets"—sizable enough to potentially be used as a home office—as well as a "vintage mid-century linen closet," though none is pictured.

As for the building, there's a full-time doorman, live-in super, and full-time porters, as well as a shared outdoor courtyard, laundry room, bike storage, and even parking. And this is a sponsor sale, which means you may be able to bypass the typical board approvals required of a co-op. Not bad for an under-$250K apartment in one of Brooklyn's most scenic neighborhoods.


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