Would You Rather?

Are you a New Yorker for life, or just for now?

It's a conversation most New Yorkers have weekly with their friends, their families and themselves. Are they staying or going?

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New York, New York. So good, they named it twice! That’s how the song goes. But if given the choice between NYC and a another place, are New Yorkers in it for the long haul? We asked six of them: Would you rather stay in New York City forever? Or move someplace else?

Home is where NYC is Of course, I’m staying here. It’s my home. I was born here, raised here, I’ve always lived here. I travel for vacation. —Jonah, Upper West Side

  Setting your sights on the city If I can afford it, I’d want to stay here forever. I’m originally from Philly and applied to a New York school for undergrad. I ended up in Boston, but then came to NYU to get my master’s degree. So, I’ve really always wanted to come live here! —Natalie, Hamilton Heights (pictured above)

  For a reason and a season, but not for life I don’t have the right visa, so I can’t stay. It’s okay though! But If I can have a good job after graduation, then I’d stay much longer. —Ujji, Harlem

  Where else is there?  Yes, I would stay here. I don’t have to go anywhere to see my friends from around the world because they come here. And I just have to work hard to have the money to travel. I don’t think I could stay forever in any U.S. City, just NYC. —Nielsen, Chelsea

City life (with a country twist) I’d want to stay here, but have a vacation home somewhere because sometimes, you just have to get out. You’ll go crazy otherwise. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a quieter place, which is everywhere but here! But yeah, a little spot to get some distance and quiet and I’m here for the long haul. —Mickey, Harlem

Take it with you I love New York City. There is an undeniable magnetism. I’ve lived here for 13-plus years and I have fallen in love with the people, the culture, the art, the music, and the accessibility of it all. Our friends fly in from around the world to be here and we can and do skip out of town for greener pastures for a weekend upstate or at the beach. Will I live here forever? Probably not. This world so vast and life’s too short not to explore a little, but my heart will always be at home in this city. —Brad, Cobble Hill (pictured above)

Verdict: 4-to-2 for staying in New York. Are you surprised?

Feel free to comment below on your plans.