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The Louis C.K. (and Chloe Sevigny) Guide to Being a New Yorker

By BrickUnderground  | April 10, 2015 - 4:30PM

Anyone who knows Louis C.K.'s New York-centric show wouldn't be surprised that the city figures prominently in his recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter. (And yes, as with many celebrity interviews, it starts with an anecdote that involves a meal.) It's a must-read ode to NYC, with tributes to, among many others:

• The city as a late-night (or before-sunrise) BFF: "I loved that you could go to a deli at three in the morning in New York, and it's filled with people. There isn't an hour in New York where you can't find a club where there are a bunch of people."

• The city as a BS filter: "In New York, everyone is so mixed together that there's less of a feeling of class here. Outside some fancy office building, you see a CEO getting his cigarette lit by a cleaning lady. Everybody is dealing with the same shit, everybody is on the subway elbow-to-elbow."

• The city as a font of funny: "Everybody laughed: The guys laughed, the beautiful women laughed. People share humor here very well."

And yes, we're a little late on posting this one, but we might as well share this i-D video featuring Chloe Sevigny laying out all the ways we are citizens of this fair and frustrating city, including the need to:

• Appreciate the beauty

• Ignore the crazy (SO. TRUE!)

and yes, we totally miss Kim's Video!

Happy weekend! As Sevigny says: Leave the city on occasion, because there's nothing better than coming back home to New York.



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