The New York apartment dweller's ultimate blizzard survival guide

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | March 13, 2017 - 2:24PM


Colin Poellot/Flickr

To paraphrase George RR Martin, a blizzard is coming. (If you haven't heard already, a nor'easter is very likely headed our way, bringing what might possibly be the heaviest of snowall this climate-confused winter season.) While our suburban counterparts have their own winter woes to deal with, New Yorkers aren't entirely immune to storm issues, either. So we've dusted off our handy 2015 snowstorm guide and updated it for you here.

If you're stuck in your apartment tomorrow—or worse, actually attempting to get to another place—we've got you covered. (And head to Notify NYC to get text, email or phone alerts from the city.)



  • If you've got a townhouse,  stock up on shovels and salt (if you haven't already) since it's on you to clear the area outside your door. And curse yourself for not renting this West Village house with radiant heat sidewalks.
  • Cancel your open house only as a last resort. But offer rags and paper towels to the brave few who show up so that no ones tracks slush inside.


New Yorkers who need to get around:

Or are stuck at home ...

... With the kids

[Note: This story was first posted on January 2015, and was updated in March 2017.]

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