Etiquette tips for the building beseiged by dog walkers

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Dogs are the worst. If they're not making your apartment search harder, upping the cost of your real estate, or prompting a rule that has you carrying them across the lobby, they’re practically forcing you to let a crowd of strangers into the building. Yes, we’re talking about dog walkers and, as Habitat Magazine writes, there are ways to handle them so that you don’t start an all-out war among your fellow residents:

  • Repeat: it is not the doorman’s job to police dog walkers and their charges. A better safety measure is hiring walkers only from insured companies that run background checks on their employees.
  • A big difference exists between the dog walker who uses the lobby as a holding pen for a horde of canines and the dog walker who drops in with a single pet on a leash. It’s perfectly fine to ask dog walkers to leave pets outside, particularly aggressive dogs.
  • If it’s an option, dog walkers should use the service elevator.