A parking spot with your condo? It's gonna cost ... a lot

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For those New Yorkers with cars, the thought of parking without having to consult the alternate-side schedule is nearly priceless. But that's not to say developers don't put a price tag on parking spots. On average, it reportedly costs about $136,000 for your own space in an in-building garage in Manhattan, but not surprisingly, the dollar figure can go up considerably from there. 

Here's how much you'll have to spend to buy a space at some of downtown's new condo developments, according to Luxury Listings NYC:

$1 million: Spots at 42 Crosby Street in Soho made headlines earlier this year, but they're not the first in this city to hit the million-dollar mark. (That would go to 66 East 11th Street.)

$775,000. The Tribeca building at 443 Greenwich Street will have 15 spaces in a garage with terracotta floors, chandeliers and an electric charging station for each car. A single spot is $775,000 while a double space goes for $1.5 million.

$500,000 (or free). At 27 Wooster Street in Soho, four spots are available for $500,000 each. But if you splurge for the $28.5 million penthouse, you get one for free. Meanwhile, a former parking garage at 2 East 13th Street, now turned condo, includes a parking space in the cost of each of the eight apartments. Three are on reserve for outside buyers for $500,000.


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