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A NYC landlord speaks: the scoop on leases, renewals, upgrades and more

By Jennifer Laing  | September 4, 2014 - 3:59PM
In Case You Missed It: Every so often, BrickUnderground digs through the archives to find the best advice our experts have shared through the years.
Ever wondered about your landlord’s true M.O.? Check out Lessons from a Small Landlord, our series of informational columns penned by a real-life NYC landlord (who, thanks to a pseudonym, shall remain incognito). Among his big reveals:
  • What types of upgrades a landlord typically will and won’t pay for (or even allow), as well as whether your rent will increase and who will pay.
  • Why a landlord might not renew a lease, how he/she figures out the appropriate rent increase, plus a few shrewd negotiating tips—for you.
  • Why many landlords insist tenants are covered by renters' insurance.
  • Smart suggestions—move mid-month, change the locks, banish the kids, and more!—for making the move in or out of a building as painless as possible.
  • What all that legalese on the lease really means.
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