Million Dollar Listing's Ryan Serhant on boosting his sex life with purple walls and why he won't buy a place

By Sharon Krum  | March 27, 2014 - 8:59AM

In the five years since becoming a broker, Ryan Serhant has sold scads of multimillion-dollar apartments and earned a rep as an impish playboy starring in Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing New York," which kicks off its third season April 2.

Serhant also has a role in Noah Baumbach's upcoming film "While We're Young," and continues to work with buyers, sellers and renters as a broker at NestSeekers International, the firm where he got his first job as an agent. Oh, and he’s only 29, which means he officially makes Donald Trump look like a slacker.

What's your current living situation?

I have lived in West Chelsea for over a year. It’s a one-bedroom, two-bath apartment. I move every two years (previously living in the Upper East Side, Midtown and the Financial District), to try out and learn about all the neighborhoods of the city. 

You’re renting. Why not buy?

Right now I think it’s important for me to live all over the city for my work. I’m  29, and I don’t know where my personal life is going to end up, so I can live all over. I love New York--it’s the most intellectually curious city in the world, the people are all interesting and interested.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I decorate every time I move, and every apartment is different. Right now I would call it  contemporary/modern.  I worked with BoConcept. They also do staging for apartments.

What do you love most about your home? 

The neighborhood. Tenth Avenue is the next frontier. I am right below the multi-billion [dollar] project of Hudson Yards, and Avenues: The World School. I have the High Line and every restaurant up and down Tenth Avenue.

And your most treasured possession?

A painting of a shark that my friend Tom Booth did (see above). I’ve had it for a long time.

Your bedroom has a lot of purple.

There are walls painted a nice deep shade of purple (see below). The wall behind the bed is stingray wallpaper. It’s said you are supposed to be having--and will have--more sex in a purple room, and [laughs] I find it to be true.

Favorite restaurant in your neighborhood?

I really like PepeGiallo. It’s a cute small place, and the [Italian] food is great.

You live in art gallery-packed West Chelsea. Any favorites?

What I really like is that in this neighborhood there are pop-up galleries. You encounter great new artists that way. 

What's the next hot neighborhood?

The Hudson Yards area, the East 30s, and the Lower East Side. I’ve learned the best loft spaces are in the Lower East Side, and the best brownstones are actually in Murray Hill.

For people on the fence: buy or rent?

Buy in a heartbeat, unless you like burning money. All you need is a down payment. 

How has being on TV affected your business?

It’s been great. I work in sales, so the more people who know what I sell, the better. The TV show is advertising no broker could afford to purchase--12 hour-long commercials on TV, in primetime, and then syndicated around the world. People contact me everyday.  

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