10 real estate resolutions for 2014

By Alana Mayman  | December 30, 2013 - 10:51AM
It's just about that time of year when we all put together a laundry list of New Years resolutions.  And when you live in New York City, some of those are probably real estate-related.
Below, some realistic and less-than-realistic NYC real-estate resolutions:
Realistic:  Limit your real estate porn consumption to two hours per week.
Not-so-realistic:   Quit looking up the price of your friends' apartments (and your kid's friends' apartments) on StreetEasy.
Realistic:  Use your kitchen at least five times a month.
Not-so-realistic:  Deactivate your Seamless account.
Realistic: Stop bitching to every person you meet about how tiny your apartment is.
Not-so-realistic: Get a bigger apartment.
Realistic: To clean up the air on your floor, buy a vaporizer for your weed-loving neighbor.
Not-so-realistic:  Get your neighbor to stop smoking pot.
Realistic: Finally settle on that less-than-perfect two-bedroom because your family is literally bursting out of your one-bedroom.
Not-so-realistic: Find an affordable two-bedroom you all love.
Realistic:  Swap out the toilet in your bathroom.
Not-so-realistic:  Gut renovate your apartment for less than the price of a college education.
Realistic:  Go to the Container Store in January to get things in order.
Not-so-realistic:  Keep things in order past Valentine's Day.
Realistic:  Find a broker who's negotiable on the fee.
Not-so-realistic: Get your broker's license to avoid paying a fee.
Realistic:  Get permission from your landlord to pay your rent a month early when you go on vacation.
Not-so-realistic:  Get your landlord to upgrade your ancient kitchen appliances, soundproof your windows, and deal with the mouse problem once and for all. 
Realistic:  Join the co-op board or the house committee.
Not-so-realistic:  Remember that you're trying to serve the building, not add to the city's homicide rate.
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