How to save thousands on your next mortgage, those darn naked neighbors, and more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | November 21, 2013 - 8:58AM

Apparently, nobody likes to see their neighbors naked--even if they're hot (The New York Times)

Love NYC so much you'd be willing to live in an RV to live here? You're not alone (Los Angeles Times)

To save thousands on your next mortgage, don't fall for the "posted" rate (The Real Deal)

Can't find a place to buy in Bushwick? Blame the Aussies! (NY Times) 

13 things renters are not allowed to do at 15 CPW (The Real Deal)

If you knew how much of your rent goes to property taxes, it would make you mad as hell. At least that's what your landlord hopes. (Commercial Observer)

The conflict between artists and developers in LIC just got a bit more contentious thanks to some middle-of-the-night developer-sanctioned graffiti whitewashing (DNA Info)

Brokers say Jersey City is hot. And, hey, you may even be able to afford a townhouse there (The Real Deal)
When the super's busy... maybe you can ask his wife to help? (New York Times)
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