7 signs your broker's given up selling your place

By Alana Mayman  | January 28, 2013 - 3:31PM
Just because the number of co-ops and condos for sale is the lowest it's been in years doesn't mean every apartment is selling like it's 2007.  If your place has been lingering unseasonably, you may have noticed that your once-enthusiastic agent is a little lot less gung ho than you remember.
Here are a few indications that your broker may have given up: 
  1. His email auto reply says he will be out-of-the-office until February 15th...2014.
  2. He stopped sending those monthly "What's Happening in NYC" emails and quarterly reports on the real estate market. Now the only emails he sends say he's stranded abroad and needs your money now.
  3. When you ask him if there has been any interest in your apartment, he tells you to check to see if anyone saved the listing on
  4. He changes his phone number without telling you... twice.
  5. He sends his fresh-out-of-junior-college associate to run your open house.
  6. Then, after no bites, he tells you to run your next open house on your own. ("You know your home best!")
  7. He wants to list the place for what you paid for it.

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