Expert advice on keeping wildlife on the street where it belongs

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | September 26, 2012 - 1:03PM

It was a pretty buggy summer, but just because that season is fading doesn't mean critters are gone altogether.

In fact, some pests (like rodents) move indoors during the winter to stay warm, which is why we're dedicating this week's SurvivalList roundup to posts that help you deal with unwanted rommates.

Assuming you want to avoid rodents (and we think that's a pretty safe assumption), you may want to consult our post on the two top mouse-free luxury rentals, one about keeping rats off of your outdoor space, and another on just how effective those ultrasonic mouse repellents really are.

You may also pick up some tips (or at least feel better about your own possible infestation) when you read the tale of one New Yorker who found a mouse in his suit pocket, or even worse, one who found a rat poking out of the toilet.

If it's cockroaches plaguing you, you many want to try these roach exterminating tips.

Of course, there are the lesser-known pests, too, like meal/pantry mothsstink bugswasps, waterbugs and centipedes (beware: they like brick walls). And we've got just about everything you ever need to know about bed bugs, courtesy of our Bedbugged! column.

So have no fear, when it comes to critters we've got you covered. 

Bugs, bugs everywhere

Living in a mouse (or rat) house?

Lesser-known pests

All about extermination

Pre-empting an infestation 

All about bed bugs





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