We've got "loads" of laundry help for you

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | September 5, 2012 - 2:40PM

Believe it or not, laundry is a pretty hot topic for NYC-dwellers, where an in-home washer/dryer is the golden ticket of apartment living. Meanwhile, those of us not fortunate enough to have one must navigate the communal laundry room and the frenemenies who lurk there.

So this week's SurvivalList is all about laundry -- from tips on getting approved for a washer-dryer to the consequences of installing an illicit in-unit washer-dryer to advice on dryer safety (inspired by none other than Robert DeNiro). We even have a true confession from one washer-dryer smuggler.

In-unit W/D a no-no and you're not up to bucking the powers that be? You may want to check out our review of a hand-powered "washing machine."

And if the hand-powered W/D just isn't enough (and it almost certainly is not), we'll help you navigate that communal laundry room -- advising on proper laundry room etiquette, the likelihood of catching pests from a communal laundry room and we even introduce you to a laundry room happy hour -- a magical time when the laundry machines are available and neighbor chit-chat isn't required.

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