Top 10 reasons to summer in the Vertical Village

By Alana Mayman  | August 2, 2011 - 1:45PM

Catch you later, Catskills...Sayonara, Sag Habor...Here are a ten things to savor about summering in the Vertical Village:

  1. Your building is half empty so the elevator is faster and there are more open machines in the laundry room.
  2. The hot (looking) Israeli movers on every block moving the renters in.
  3. The winter coats are stored away so you can actually close your hall closet.
  4. Waterbugs give your husband an opportunity to assert his manhood that doesn't involve torn ligaments.
  5. actually has open tables. Alternatively, when you order out, your food arrives hot.
  6. Few mosquitos, no black flies, no ticks.
  7. With the money you save on the Hamptons rental, you can finally stop working as a real estate agent and go back to medical school.
  8. The sun sets so late that even after work it feels like it is the middle of the day on your building's "roof deck" (and p.s. the Grinches in the penthouse aren't there to rat you out for breaking & entering).
  9. You can walk around naked with blinds up even after work (see #8).
  10. Without the (major) risk of falling trees and power outtages, thunderstorms are sexier here... and is there anything hotter than a steamy rendezvous on a steamy night on the roofdeck of a New York City high rise?

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