10 ways to shame/annoy the neighbors into paying common charges

By Alana Mayman  | June 28, 2011 - 11:22AM

No one likes a freeloader, especially co-op and condo owners who have to cover the maintenance fees or common charges of a neighbor focused more on worldly pleasures than Past Due statements. We recently wrote about one SoHo board that not only revoked the elevator privileges of an owners in arrears but also hung a shame-on-you poster in the lobby.  

But why stop there...? Here are a few more high-pressure tactics we can think of for squeezing common charges from a ne'er-do-well:

  1. "Renovate" the hallway in front of their apartment and stop once demo is finished
  2. Refuse all packages or divert them to the sticky-fingered doorman building down the street 
  3. Arrange for Time Warner to show reruns of 'Who's the Boss?' as their only 24/7 viewing option
  4. Start an open Facebook group--"Get Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So to Pay Their Common Charges"--and invite all their friends, your friends, and Curbed NY
  5. Replace all their drycleaning with doorman and porter uniforms
  6. Have someone play Kesha's Tik Tok at their door at 5 am every morning
  7. Send them a fruit basket of durian, that exotic fruit that makes the apartment smell like sweaty crotch for days
  8. File an anonymous complaint to the DOB for the washer/dryer; the board turned a blind eye when they put it in but the times they are a'changin
  9. Anonymously gift a drumset to the 14-year-old whose bedroom adjoins theirs
  10. Begin an emergency summer brick pointing project that cuts off their A/C

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