Tipping points for Fresh Direct delivery and handymen who actually fix things

By Margot Slade  | March 22, 2011 - 3:47PM

More tipping points on, well, tipping points for Fresh Direct deliveries and handymen who respond both handily and quickly. Consensus on is that tips for Fresh Direct deliveries average $3-5, depending on the size of the delivery and whether stairs are involved.

(Noting that Fresh Direct's original no-tipping policy was part of the service's appeal, several non-tippers said they didn't realize the policy had changed.) 

As for handymen who actually fix whatever is broken, some people insisted on tipping only at holiday time. Others say to play it by ear: "$20 if it takes a really long time (more than a couple of hours), and person has to do a lot of work and is working really hard." Especially if the trouble was caused by you, as when your toddler puts wads of paper towels down the toilet, an incident that resonated with a number of parents.          


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