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The perfect gift for the pot smoker next door

By Virginia K. Smith  | April 20, 2016 - 1:59PM

Though marijuana has been decriminalized in New York City and is steadily gaining wider social and legal acceptance throughout the country, here in our crowded apartment buildings, pot smoke is still a frequent point of contention between New Yorkers and their neighbors.

While weed smoke is typically less pungent and clears out faster than cigarette smoke, most of us aren't exactly dying to deal with smoke of any kind wafting through the hallways, under our doorways, and through the building's shared vents. (As we've written previously, some co-op boards seem poised to sic a full swat team on anyone found lighting up in the building.)

But rather than placing a hysterical call to the authorities (or the building's management), we'd suggest a more diplomatic approach: Gift your stoner neighbor with a vaporizer.

We first came across this idea in a Brownstoner forum from a few years back, where one reader suggested of an oft-blazing neighbor, "Buy the kid a battery-operated portable vaporizer to puff out of. Vaporizers can allow him to properly get his blaze on without causing any smoke, and only emitting an oderless vapor."

And now that we're definitively living in the age of vaping, this idea is easier to pull off than ever. (You can cruise your options online, or simply hit up one of the endless number of vape stores that've been cropping up around the city.) Yes, you'll be throwing money at the problem, but with options starting at around $30, it's a relatively small investment in the name of keeping the neighborly peace.

A version of this post originally ran on February 18th, 2011.


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