Snow day etiquette for vertical dwellers

By Teri Karush Rogers | January 27, 2011 - 7:52AM 

On snow days, it's generally good to be a NYC vertical dweller: The power stays on, you can still get restaurant delivery, and someone else has to shovel the sidewalk. Though the living may be easier here than in the suburbs on days like these, there are a few fine points to keep in mind:

  • To those of you with a car in need of digging out this morning: We refer you to last week's post on how much to tip a staff member to excavate it for you.  
  • To dog owners performing a dash-'n-pee instead of the usual stroll around the block: Clear a respectful distance from your building's awning--your doorman and your neighbors will thank you for keeping the snow white a little longer.  Also, don't forget to brush the snow off your pooch (and stamp your boots) before heading back inside.
  • To anyone who doesn't have to shovel their own sidewalk: Express your sincere appreciation to whoever is doing it.  As resident manager Joseph Shkreli told us recently, "On snow days where the staff spends most of the day outside cleaning, I'll usually buy the guys lunch and believe me that goes a long way.  It's not the point that they don't have to buy lunch that day,  it is the appreciation that they feel that they have received for their hard work."
  • If you leave your slushy boots outside your door to dry, bring them in when they ARE dry, not next week.


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