The Market

Which amenities really matter?

By Teri Karush Rogers | November 5, 2010 - 7:59AM

Is a gym/playroom/roofdeck/media room/pool really worth it? The commenters on StreetEasy offer up two philosophies for sorting the diamonds from the marketing fluff. 

"The useful amenities stand the test of time," says one.  "I would be suspicious of a unique amenity offered by one or two buildings (dog spas, wine storage, spinning room)." 

Test #2? Whether you personally will use the amenities.

"I have a pool, gym, back yard and kids rooms. as an active parent, I use and value them all," says one.  Another offers: "A gym is something I would use, if it was in my building. The common roof terrace that I have (which is of a considerable size with great views) is something I mean to use, but probably only utilize properly 5 times a year. The other few times it's just to show friends that I have a roof terrace. The bike room on the other hand is invaluable."  What do you use the most? (

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