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Q&A: My managing agent is rude

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Q. I’m having issues with my managing agent.  The receptionists are rude, accounts receivables are rude, and I want to make a complaint about their neglect and service. 

I rent and do not own in NYC so who do I go to complain?

A. Sadly, your complaints are not that unusual in New York, says real estate attorney Dean Roberts. Nor is the behavior you describe illegal.

Your best bet is to complain to the owner of the management firm, says managing agent Michael Wolfe.  If that doesn’t work, complain to your landlord.

“He or she may not like this type of behavior from the management team,” says real estate lawyer Cory Weiss.  “If you’re rent stabilized, you can also complain to the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.”

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