BrickUnderground turns 1: Our Top 10 stories of all time

By Teri Karush Rogers | May 17, 2010 - 10:15AM 

It's our first birthday over here at BrickUnderground, and we'd like to thank you from the depths of our vertical-dwelling hearts for your support, ideas and shared obsession for illuminating the art and science of vertical living in New York City. 

Going forward, expect a major redesign this summer that will make it easier to get the information you want, while we continue to deliver the inside scoop on buying, selling, renting and especially living in your New York City apartment.

This being New York, perhaps it's no surprise that sex, power, money and vermin figure prominently in our Top 10 stories of all time:

10. Booty calls rattle condo

9.   The 8 worst neighbors

8.   Going Down: Confessions of an elevator man

7.   Private dancers: Tales from the elevator security camera

6.   City says roaches prefer hipsters, dim sum to Park Ave

5.   The care and feeding of a board member

4.   1st Annual BrickUnderground guide to holiday tipping

3.   Brooklyn is #1 bed bug borough

2.   BrickUnderground's Noisy Sexy Neighbor Survey: The results

1.   F'd! Co-op kills sale over kid's Facebook page

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