Cool stuff: No-schlep Costco—and why beg when you can borrow (online)?

By Teri Karush Rogers | October 16, 2009 - 7:04AM 
Picture 4.png

What do your monthly treks to Costco and your urgent need to borrow a steam cleaner have in common?  Two newish online services can help with both:

1.  Big Box Deliveries, which began serving doorman apartment buildings on the UWS and UES in August, will do your Costco shopping for you and deliver it right to your door.  In exchange, they keep half the amount you save on that 317-ounce box of Tide detergent.   (via NY Times CityRoom Blog)

2.  Neighborrow enables Manhattan residents to borrow household items, books, games and movies from one another for free.  To earn your borrowing rights, just register with a list of 10 things you’d be willing to loan. 

You can also set up a private borrowing-network for your own building, starting at $25 per month. 

Eventually, Neighborrow plans to launch a premium service offering more expensive items, collective community purchasing and insurance.  (via Thrillist)

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