Did you know? How to clean that "stainless" steel backsplash

By Teri Karush Rogers | July 1, 2009 - 8:59PM

Tip o' the Brick is a semi-regular spotlight on a great piece of advice in the BrickTalk forum:

"My so-called "stainless" steel backsplash drove me crazy for years. (In fact, I started lining it with foil when I cooked so at least it wouldn't get worse.) I would have given up except my housekeeper kept nagging me to find something, so I went back to Gracious Home and explained the whole thing. This time they recommended Grease Grizzly (same manufacturer as Goo Gone, that stuff that removes sticky price tag residue) and some very fine Grade #00 steel wool. You spray the stuff on, let it marinate for 60 seconds, mist it with water, and scrub with the steel wool. I did the first three rounds myself and the results were pretty amazing. Now my housekeeper does it once a week. One note: The steel wool is supposed to be too fine to scratch the steel but I can't confirm that, as previous acts of desperate scrubbing had already left their mark(s)."

--posted by nora32

Read the entire thread here.

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