Terrible Listings Photos

It's a jungle out there: Overgrowth, beer hoarding, & more in this week's awful listing photos

Property also features the back garden in which Francis Ford Coppola filmed Apocalypse Now.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs

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Our pal Andy Donaldson, of Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos (website and book) fame, has a knack for finding deeply unappealing listing images from around the internet. This week's selection is typically disturbing, and as usual begs the question of who thought putting these pictures online would help sell a place.

We don't have answers, but here are this week's shots, as always with Donaldson's commentary.

Winning a year’s supply of mineral water didn’t bring the unending happiness the Erwitts had hoped for.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

"Bastards didn’t even leave a forwarding address," said Pooh.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos