Terrible Listings Photos

Squalor on parade: A selection of bad real estate listing photos sure to bum you out

No idea how many channels we have. Lost the remote in 2009.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos

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Our friend Andy Donaldson, of Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos (website and book) fame, has a talent for finding the least enticing listing images from across the web. This week's selection takes us, as is often the case, to a Gummo-esque world of unsettling rooms in off-kilter houses. In each shot, there's clearly a story beyond the broker not caring enough to clean up, but it's a story of which we may not especially want to hear more. The photos are off-putting enough, thank you.

Here those pictures are, as always with Donaldson's commentary.

In 1983 the New York Mafia’s most important soft furnishings held a summit meeting to discuss control of their empire.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos