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A Rockaway Park one bedroom where you can get a jump on next summer

By Nathan Tempey | September 4, 2018 - 12:00PM 

Savor the last of the hot sun in the shared backyard.

RE/MAX Elite/Zillow

If it feels like Labor Day arrived too quickly and you were only just getting in the rhythm of trips to the Rockaways, there's one way to ensure that you maximize every sun-soaked second of next summer: Move there.

This one bedroom is in a house on Beach 119th Street in Rockaway Park, according to an earlier version of the listing. It's listed for $1,700 a month, far less than what you'd pay for a summer rental, not to mention an apartment in Williamsburg. The tradeoff, of course, is a long commute to pretty much anywhere, and a cold winter ahead.

Wherever you're coming from, this apartment offers access to a shared enclosed porch and backyard, verdant surroundings, wood floors, and lots of ceiling fans.

It's not clear from the photos which room is the bedroom. The whole apartment seems fairly compact in outer-Queens terms, though it's palatial by city standards.

The kitchen has granite counters, new-looking appliances (including a dishwasher), and lots of cabinet space.

The bathroom looks tight, but clean.

The porch is protected from the elements, though odds are it gets cool in the winter. The rent includes utilities, and the house comes with off-street parking. The place has in-wall and window-unit air conditioners.

The backyard has a concrete slab for soaking up the last of the warm weather over some cold drinks, as well as a lawn and some very happy wildflowers. Since it's shared, it's a good idea to think long and hard about whether you'll get along with the house's other residents.

The listing doesn't include an address, but it describes the place as two blocks from the beach and three blocks from the A train, presumably at Beach 116th Street-Rockaway Park. That puts it over an hour from Midtown by train, and about an hour and a half via an express bus that stops nearby.


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