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The Platonic ideal of rustic-chic in this converted two-bedroom

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For those seeking a rental that comes with spiritual gravitas, this two-bedroom will provide ample opportunity for peaceful contemplation. The apartment is one of the Spire Lofts, a conversion of Williamsburg's St. Vincent de Paul Church, and much of the ex-cathedral's facade has been preserved. On the inside, you'll find a loft decked out with all the salvaged materials a Brooklynite with an appreciation for rustic-chic design could dream of—with modern amenities, of course. At $5,500 per month, this is steep even by Williamsburg standards, which could be attributed to the space's newness—and its spiritual bona fides. 

We're getting a Game of Thrones vibe from the high ceilings, reclaimed wood floors, and tree-like pillar in the center of the open-plan space; that heavy, dark wood door could easily lead to a dungeon. On the other hand, a skylight brightens the scene, and the exposed brick is all New York. The kitchen is very much of the 21st century, with stone countertops, marble backsplash, and luxe, stainless-steel appliances.  

There's theatrical flair in the catwalk, which leads past exposed wooden beams to sliding doors and the bedrooms. The centerpiece of the en-suite bathroom is the exposed brick shower stall, a striking and unusual touch (though it does lead to questions of how it should be cleaned.) The black fixtures and pressed tin ceiling are at once old-fashioned and stylish, making for a truly one-of-a-kind space.

You won't have any trouble directing visitors to the building, which still looks like a house of worship (and those arched windows likely allow for lots of natural light inside.) The location is also easy to find: You'll be in the heart of prime Williamsburg, at North 6th between Bedford and Driggs. And though the monthly rent is up there, there's no broker fee for this apartment, and you'll get one month free. 


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