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How Long Island got so segregated, why wealthy renters nab affordable housing units, and more of the week's most popular stories

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This week on Brick Underground our readers learned about whether or not they should use a broker to buy a home, the history of Long Island's segregation (and what can be done to fix it) and much more. Below, the top five posts of the week.

1. Ask Sam: I just found out my apartment is illegal. What should I do? [sponsored]

2. How did Long Island become so segregated—and what can be done about it?

3. Here's why wealthy renters end up in coveted spots in affordable housing meant for low-income New Yorkers

4. Rookie Buyer: Facing the age-old question, to broker or not to broker?

5. The top 5 things you're doing to drive your mortgage loan officer crazy (according to a real-life one)

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