New law holds NYC landlords responsible for fixing asthma triggers like pests, mold

By Nikki M. Mascali  | January 22, 2019 - 3:00PM

The new Asthma-Free Housing Act requires NYC landlords to do yearly inspections and fix issues within 24 hours.


If you’re an apartment-hunting New Yorker, you should know landlords have certain rules they must abide by, such as keeping your apartment at least 62 degrees this time of year. Thanks to a new law, they are now required to fix indoor allergen-related violations that breed pests and mold, and trigger asthma, too.

Under the Asthma-Free Housing Act that took effect January 19, landlords of buildings with three units or more will need to perform annual inspections of all apartments and common areas, and remedy conditions that could attract pests and cause mold, such as fixing leaks or removing pest nests.

If such conditions are found in an apartment or common area, the space will be classified as “immediately hazardous,” and a landlord will have 24 hours to fix them.

If you’re looking for a new apartment and are concerned about asthma triggers, you can use to research a building’s mold or pest violations, or rule out the NYC neighborhoods where these issues are the most prevalent.


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