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This Bushwick one bedroom is in a former church, and it shows

By Alanna Schubach | January 2, 2018 - 3:00PM 

Whether the soaring ceilings justify the high price is up to the renter to decide.


Many New Yorkers know Bushwick as a haven for artists and home to a thriving nightlife scene, not to mention gentrification. This one-bedroom, one-bath rental offers sanctuary from all the hubbub... literally. Located in a former Lutheran church on Bushwick Avenue that was converted to apartments last year, the apartment retains the structure's intricate ceiling (reaching as high as 30 feet) and distinctive windows, along with more contemporary features.

It's listed by Nooklyn for a steep $3,250 a month, and that's a rate that includes the landlords offer of six weeks free, meaning the actual rent rate is even higher. 

The flip side of those beautiful, soaring ceilings is that the apartment appears rather narrow.

The open plan living room leaves enough space for a dining area, and the kitchen looks sleek. 

The bedroom is similarly tall and skinny, and closet space seems to be in short supply—a singular style requires sacrifices, it seems. You can find more room to stretch out, though, by climbing the ladder to your own private roof deck. 

The exterior is grand and impressive, a far cry from the cookie-cutter new developments elsewhere in Bushwick. The building has laundry on every floor, two shared roof decks, a bike room, and garage parking.  



Alanna Schubach

Contributing writer

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