Only in New York

Charming and cozy or claustrophobic and overpriced? You decide

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | December 5, 2016 - 2:59PM 

In an effort to be optimistic, we're going to start with the pros of this studio in the East Village: The kitchen looks recently renovated, with full-sized stainless appliances; plus, it has a window! We also like that the bathroom also looks to have been refreshed. Plus, the building, which has laundry facilities, is on a "cul-de-sac"—rare in this city.

Onto the cons (which come a little easier to us as New Yorkers): The living space is teeny-tiny, and you'll have to sleep in a lofted bed accessible by a somewhat scary ladder. The apartment, too, is a walk-up (one flight up, but still) and the rent is $2,000 a month, and there appears to be a broker fee, as well. (You'll have to make at least $80,000 to live here based on that rent.)

The apartment does make creative use of overhead storage, even above the shower, too (pictured below), which is both weird and kind of brilliant.

Still, minus the hallway that leads from the doorway—if we're reading the pics correctly—it all seems much too cramped for the price.

To all this we say: Only in New York, folks. So what do you think? Is this a hidden gem (so hidden, in fact, that it's only accessible via Avenue C), or a total rip-off? Either way, we imagine it'll be rented by the new year.


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