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What's a sleeping loft worth?

By Margot Slade  | April 18, 2011 - 4:15PM

The value of what is touted as a "lofted sleeping area" (as against a plain old loft bed) is in the language of the seller and the eye of the buyer, according to a thread on Lofted apartments are hard to sell if priced as a one-bedroom and the sleeping area is under 6' high, one commenter says. On the other hand, they are considered a "great bonus" if the apartment is priced as an expensive studio. 

It all depends on the layouts, architectural features, ceiling heights and pricing of the comps, several posts point out. An example: space and a "wow" factor (soaring windows) in one building, but also "windy little stair cases to a hobbit-sized sleep area interrupted by annoying columns making the space difficult to configure."

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