Would You Rather?

Has the city lost its edge? New Yorkers would rather live above a Duane Reade than a cool bar

The perfect NYC neighbor?


Edgar Zuniga Jr./Flickr

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Would you rather live above a hip and happening hot spot? Or "at the corner of happy and healthy" above a Duane Reade or Walgreens? We asked six New Yorkers and it turns out: Convenience is hotter than any hot spot.

  • Student survival Well, I kind of live off Duane Reade. Seriously, it’s a convenience store without the ick factor of some bodegas. Like, I can get bread, cheese, salami, mayo, ice cream and even fruit and not starve to death late at night. It’s bright and safe. I'm a student. I can’t afford to go drinking all night, anyway. —Lisa, East Village
  • Newer, cheaper, not depressing Love Duane Reade, the nice big new ones! The old ones are depressing. Groceries there are cheaper than in delis. I hate going to a regular grocery store. They’re so packed most of the time. But Duane Reade is great for sandwiches and lunch packs. —Janelle, Harlem
  • Unite and conquer I do like going out, but every time I see a new place open up I think, “There goes the neighborhood.” It’s changing so much, it’s not all good. Not everybody in the neighborhood likes these trendy places. Duane Reade is actually a good thing to have for all and it doesn’t divide people, you know? —Jesse, Washington Heights
  • Why nobody needs to cross the street  When you need something last-minute, like milk or something, you don’t even want to cross the street sometimes. So, Duane Reade. —Jacob, Upper West Side
  • Quiet over cool Duane Reade for sure. I know how loud cool places can get and how much it sucks living above one. —Christie, Williamsburg
  • Where everybody knows your name It would be cool to live above a cool place where you can stay late and then not worry about getting home. I have a place around the corner from me and I love that they know me there as one of the regulars. We’re totally like Cheers. —Matt, Harlem

Verdict: It's near-unanimous: New Yorkers dig Duane Reade!