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Would you rather live above the Second Ave subway construction or a Subway sandwich shop?

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The sound and fury of a subway line construction, or the smell of $5 footlong subs all day long? We asked these new Yorkers to pick their poison when it came to their neighbors: Would you rather live above the Second Avenue subway construction or on top of a smelly Subway restaurant?
  • Second Ave subway I've actually been in apartments along the Second Avenue subway construction and they're all high rises, and you can't hear a thing. So I wouldn't mind living there. Construction is construction, it's all over the city. Plus, it's going to end at some point. -Victor, Battery Park City
  • Subway restaurant I wouldn't mind living above a Subway restaurant. I like the smell of bread! Who doesn't? Five Dollar Foot Longs rule. -Marta, Upper West Side
  • Subway restaurant I live close to a Subway restaurant. Yes, there's a distinctive smell I associate with it. But I don't mind it that much, I guess. There's a lot of trash on the sidewalk outside it. I mind that more. But I wouldn't want to live above a noisy construction for any stretch of time. So I'd rather live above a Subway restaurant. I actually eat their food, so that's a bonus. -Martin, Hamilton Heights
  • Second Avenue subway As long as they keep working on the Second Avenue Subway, I'm fine with it. I woudn't want to be living next to the construction site if I didn't think they were doing some thing really good with it. The subway line is really important! -Lucas, East Village
  • Subway restaurant I think it's a huge bonus to live close to a subway. But who knows when or if it'll ever get done? So I guess I'd choose to live above a Subway restaurant instead. Lord knows there are better sandwiches around, but I'd rather use an air freshener in my apartment than have to fight the noise and dirt of a construction site. - Alessandra, Upper West Side
  • Second Avenue subway If I could be guaranteed an affordable living space once the Subway on Second Avenue is complete, I'll endure the noise and traffic. I hate that smell of Subway...like rotten bagels.  -Olga, Tribeca

 The consensus: Subway station: 3 , Subway sandwiches: 3. It's a tie!


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