Would You Rather?

Where should the city add wi-fi first: the subway, or the parks?

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New York City has been ramping up its digital game: A few sections of the subway are open to network reception; the LinkNYC initiative is now in beta, with some already offering wi-fi hotspots around the city (with more to come). So we asked six New Yorkers which should be first priority: getting service into the city's parks, or the subways?

  • Remember winter? In the subways. I use that everyday. Plus, what about winter, when I'm not using the park? —Jed, Upper West Side
  • Alone together Personally, I'd prefer the park because then I could work in the park on my laptop during the day. I work from home most of the time, or in a cafe just to get out and work by myself but with people around. I wouldn't work in a subway station. —Russell, Upper West Side
  • Multitasking mornings I’d have time to be productive during my commute. One hour in a dead zone in 2016 is just not modern. —Denny, Bushwick (pictured below)

  • Excuses, Excuses Put wi-fi in the parks. I like to use "I'm in the subway" as an excuse not to answer phone calls. —Dave, Midtown
  • Public Service Announcement In the subways! People could get MTA updates on their phones. I think they should feed updates via phones instead of that janky PA system. —Melissa, The Bronx

  • Music Man I’ll probably miss being disconnected even for just a short while in the subways, but wi-fi would be good there. I could save money on music subscriptions that are only available offline. Spotify is expensive, so is Apple music. But music makes the tunnels bearable. —Ismail, Queens

Verdict: Hey MTA, can you add wi-fi while you’re down there?