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Study: Even Staten Island has gotten sick of Donald Trump

By Virginia K. Smith | November 8, 2016 - 9:05AM 

Last month, RentHop pulled election donation data for New York City, and outed areas like Breezy Point, Dyker Heights, and pretty much all of Staten Island as our city's Trump-supporting strongholds, with the rest of the boroughs strongly in support of Hillary Clinton.

Now they've updated the map with the final round of Federal Elections Commission disclosures for September and October, and it shows an even wider lead for Clinton, and tightening of numbers between the two candidates on Staten Island. The map also shows dollar amounts of donations now, so you can see, for instance, that in Bushwick's 11206, 94 people donated a total of $58,985 to Clinton, while just six people shelled out $711 to Trump. (Sad!)

Since the latest numbers reflect the time period that includes Trump's disastrous debate performances and the leaked Access Hollywood tape, RentHop data scientist Shane Leese tells us, "I’m not particularly surprised to see that Clinton has continued to pull ahead of Donald in New York, but I am surprised that even in areas he had led [he has] fallen so far behind."

Leese continues, "It seems Trump’s only real stronghold in NYC is now in the southern tip of Staten Island, in the rather affluent neighborhood of Pleasant Plains (10309)." And even though Trump technically has more donors in that borough, Clinton ultimately raised more money.

Leese also broke down their contributions by borough:

Clinton’s campaign contributions by borough

  • Manhattan: 37,009 donors – $33.14 million – 95 percent donor share – 10.2 percent more donors in October
  • Brooklyn: 7,567 donors – $5.78 million – 92.8 percent donor share – 14.9 percent more donors in October
  • Queens: 2,800 donors – $1.76 million – 77.8 percent donor share – 13 percent more donors in October
  • Bronx: 720 donors – $482,432 – 84.9 percent donor share – 13.4 percent more donors in October
  • Staten Island: 425 donors – $329,603 – 49.3 percent donor share – 10.4 percent more donors in October

Trump’s donors and donations by borough

  • Manhattan: 1,175 donors – $1,009,701 – 4.3 percent donor share – 5.95 percent more donors in October
  • Queens: 772 donors – $201,705 – 21.5 percent donor share – 5.03 percent more donors in October
  • Brooklyn: 530 donors – $162,421 – 6.5 percent donor share – 2.9 percent more donors in October
  • Staten Island: 435 donors – $116,748 – 50.4 percent donor share – 2.6 percent more donors in October
  • Bronx: 125 donors – $37,462 – 14.7 percent donor share – 5.04 percent more donors in October

Play around with the map below to see how your neighbors donated, take a deep breath, and comfort yourself with the knowledge that this will all be over soon.



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