Would You Rather?

Would you rather live next to a police station or a firehouse?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | May 29, 2018 - 2:00PM

New York City is noisy as a rule, but living next to a police station or a firehouse is a whole other level of loud. We wondered, if given the choice, which would New Yorkers prefer to live next to? Here's what they had to say.

Let the dogs out

“I’ve watched a lot of Law and Order: SVU episodes, and I know that there’s always a lot of commotion and crazy people around police stations. Also, firefighters have Dalmatians!”–Chanelle Kasik, Washington Heights

The firehouse discount

“I would choose to live near a fire station over a police station any day. As a homeowner, I actually get a small discount on my home insurance living so close to a fire station. There’s no discount to living close to a police station. In fact, you get more parking tickets living closer to a police station. I know as I have lived close to both.”—Amed Bhuiyan, Bronx

Neighbors you can use

 “I currently live near a police station and I’m cool with it. However, it would probably be more beneficial to have firehouse next door, because I don’t think my smoke detectors work.”—Christina Clark, Financial District

Smoke on the water

“My friend recently had her whole apartment completely smoke-damaged, so I want a firehouse as close as possible. You can’t trust your neighbors in this crazy city.”—Sara Leonard, Lower East Side 

Consider the clientele

“It’s not even a question that I’d prefer to live near a firehouse. Police activity is constant while a firehouse only gets a call every now and then, which gives them lots of time to learn how to cook (so the place smells good). And think about who frequents each. With a police station you have a steady flow of criminals and drunks. With a fire department you get lots of girls looking to flirt!”—Mike Riordan, Upper East Side

The verdict: With apologies to the NYPD, all five of these New Yorkers would far prefer to live next to a firehouse!




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