10 best and worst neighborhoods in the Bronx for parking on the street

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By Mimi OConnor  |
July 3, 2018 - 1:05PM

Living in Belmont is great if you like visiting the Bronx Zoo nearby but bad if you need to park on the street. 

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This week, Brick Underground looks at the Bronx in its survey of the best and worst neighborhoods for on-street parking in four of New York City’s five boroughs. (Staten Island wasn't a part of the survey because its suburban layout makes street parking either a breeze or not an issue.) You can read about conditions in Brooklyn here, Manhattan here, and Queens here.

Again, our intel comes from—a new AI-powered website that helps renters and buyers predict what life will be like at any address in New York City by examining current and future construction, livability, community and safety. 

Weighted factors the Localize data-science and urban planning teams considered to identify neighborhoods’ scores included street parking regulations, which vary from district to district (alternate side, no parking or standing rules, and meters); parking ticket rates (the number of parking tickets per capita in the last six months); parking complaints (calls to 311 regarding blocked driveways, double-parked cars, and blocked hydrants), and car ownership based on 2016 census data.

We imagine Bronx residents will have a similar reaction to the findings that some denizens of the other three boroughs did — that is, “How can my neighborhood be ‘good’ for parking? It’s a nightmare!” To which we reiterate: it’s all relative. You have it bad, but that may be pretty good compared to someone else! As is always the case when considering a move to a new area of town, hop in the car and go see for yourself— and let us know if we’re right!

The Good: Bronx neighborhoods with the best on-street parking

  1. Edenwald

  2. Pelham Gardens

  3. Baychester

  4. Castle Hill

  5. Soundview

  6. Crotona Park East

  7. Laconia

  8. Co-op City

  9. Williamsbridge

  10. Morrisania

A combination of single- and two-family homes in the northeastern section of the Bronx, as well as the borough’s largest public housing development in Edenwald makes that neighborhood, Pelham Gardens, and Baychester the tops spots for on-street parking ease. Many stores also have parking lots, which free up space as well.

The Bad: Bronx neighborhoods with the worst on-street parking

  1. Hunts Point

  2. Fordham

  3. Pelham Parkway

  4. Westchester Square

  5. Pelham Bay

  6. Parkchester

  7. Belmont

  8. Kingsbridge

  9. Van Nest

  10. Schuylerville

It’s a far different story in Hunts Point, where a bad on-street parking situation is only going to deteriorate further thanks to a residential development boom.

"There’s no real buffer between the residential core and heavy industrial uses. There are many trucks coming and going and auto-related businesses. It’s a recipe for parking problems,” data scientist Michal Eisenberg says. “Interestingly,” she added, “there are a very high percentage of complaints, compared to the city’s average, about double parked vehicles blocking traffic.” (Apparently Hunt’s Point residents love their 311.)

Not surprisingly, Fordham, home to both a busy retail district and a university, has on-street parking woes, and neighborhoods east of Bronx Park (Pelham Parkway, Westchester Square, Pelham Bay, Parkchester, and Van Nest) also experience problems, perhaps due to a concentration of health and human services providers that attract patrons in cars.

Things are challenging west of Bronx Park as well in Fordham, Belmont, and Kingsbridge, thanks to the combination of population density and the presence of large institutes like New York Botanical Garden, Bronx Zoo, St. Barnabas Hospital and some very popular retail corridors.  


Mimi headsht

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